Best Features of Magic Mirror Hire Glasgow

Magic Mirror hire Glasgow is the invention of the 21st century. It indicates the pace of the world i.e. with which it is moving. As the world is progressing forward so as the technology. Bow Magic Mirror is a specially made mirror available to take the photos along with high-tech features installed i.e. it is the piece of equipment that is used as a photo-taking machine but in high-tech senses.

It can take a picture of a 7-foot person while standing easily. It has a DSLR camera installed in it so rest assured that the quality of the picture which it takes will be amazing. It can easily take the picture of 20 persons in a single shot. This is the main reason that it is preferred in a social gathering circle. It takes less than a minute to print the pictures and can print either in animated form or also you have the option to personalize your image using editors.

This technology is very appealing and the clients are demanding for it nowadays because it saves them the trouble of hiring a photographer. With this, if anyone wants to get his picture captured, he can move to the magic mirror and ask the attendant to click his picture. Another feature of this is that it clicks a full-length picture, which is very difficult to capture through a normal camera.

Magic Mirror is a delicate device and because of this reason we lend it for 4 hours during an event and also we send our staff member with it, he will operate it and you just enjoy the party, he will help any of the clients whether they want to take a picture solo or in a group and also they can take any number of pictures they like to take i.e. there is no limitation for anything, i.e. neither the number of shots nor the number of prints. They can do whatever they think is suitable in this course of time we won’t mind and neither does our staff member but after the 4 hours are up extra will be charged for the spare time.

Features of Magic Mirroring Device:

  • Give you the authority to sign your photo i.e. either digitally or after taking the print i.e. whatever you need you can do to make your night memorable.
  • All pictures are uploaded to the secure server so if anyone lost their copy and they need a picture then he or she can contact us and we will provide him with the picture.
  • It gives you the freedom to capture full-length pictures i.e. picture of a 7-foot man standing, can be taken easily with a magic mirror.
  • It can be operated either with a motion sensor i.e. waving of a hand or saying cheese etc. or with a touch triggered device.
  • Custom animations and custom prints are possible and there is no limit i.e. you can make and print infinitely.
  • Infinite number of retakes are allowed i.e. keep on taking pictures until you get the best one sorted out.