Cheats of The Evil Within for PS3


50,000 green gel
Finish the game on any difficulty

Brass Knuckles
Finish the game on Nightmare or Akumu difficulty.

Burst Pistol
Collect all 28 Map Shards

Sniper Rifle
Collect all 28 map fragments.

Machine Gun
Finish the game on any difficulty

Model Viewer
Finish the game on any difficulty

Nightmare and Akumu Difficulties
Finish the game on any difficulty

Rocket Launcher
Finish the game on any difficulty


There are 46 keys in the set. 44 are on stage, while 2 are in cabinets. Get all of them and you will get the corresponding trophy / achievement. Keep in mind that there are 45 cabinets, so there is a surplus.

There is no way of knowing which ones you have obtained, and if you die after obtaining one, you lose it and you will have to pick it up again, it is only saved when passing through a checkpoint. You can get the ones you have skipped with the chapter selector.



Pure Evil
All The Evil Within trophies unlocked


The Fast and the Dead
Finish the game in less than 5:00:00

You Wanted It
Finish the game in 悪 夢 mode (AKUMU)

How it should be
Finish the game without improving any skills with green gel

Unstoppable Arsenal
Fully upgrade all weapons


The knife can with the saw
His motor roars, but my knife can kill him. (Chapter 3)

This was not in the contract.
Turn up the water, but we’ll get out of here unscathed. (tft cheat sheet)

A day like any other
Finish the game in Survival difficulty mode

Horror Master
Finish the game on Nightmare difficulty mode.

Get all the collectibles in the game

Walk and burst!
Use the secret explosive weapon to kill 10 enemies (Using agony bolts negates the result)

Fully upgrade all of Sebastian’s attributes

Single Soldier Army
Kill 400 enemies

Flame bath
Enough running! I’m going to set it on fire right here! (Chapter 10)


The Power of Three
Fully upgrade three weapons

Krimson Police Fury
Kill 200 enemies

First Step
Into Darkness Finish the game on Inexperienced difficulty mode

Bullet Lover
Kill 25 enemies with melee attacks

Bloody Bar Fight
Kill an enemy with a sneak attack after hitting him with a bottle

Corpses Accumulate
Kill 30 enemies

One of many
Deliver yourself from the power of evil

Delve into oblivion
Clear an invisible enemy from the equation

Escape a great threat in the city

In the style of Corvo
Have they gone crazy? It will be better to pass without facing them. (Episode 2)

The first, not the last
Finish a monstrosity in the underground garage

The barbecue!
Kill 5 enemies with a torch

Hospice sweet hospice
That vision in hospice … Why here? Because right now? (Chapter 4)

Two against two
Eliminate the two guards in front of the church

What is in the box?
Escape the guardian under the catacombs

The Quintet of Death
Kill 5 enemies with each type of Agony bolt

I jump into the void
Who wouldn’t help a man whose life hangs by a thread? (Chapter 6)

Master locksmith
Open all lockers in the safe room

I do not have time for this!
I’m not going to die! It is better to fight only when necessary. (Chapter 7)

So much wrong and so few bullets
Improve all the options in the Reserve menu

Object Manager
This cave is very echoing. Put away the gun and don’t make a noise. (Chapter 8)

My best friend
Completely upgrade a weapon

Rekindling the flame
Drowns the cries of the beast

Drop it, it burns
Drop a match and kill 3 enemies

Not a scratch!
I’m not going to risk it, the bus is not going to last much longer. (Chapter 12)

Preferred Weapon
Defeat the sadist in the village

Electrician Apprentice Just in
case, you’d better start the generator. (Chapter 14)

Silent Kill
Kill 5 enemies in a row with a sneak attack undiscovered


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